• Lesson 1: Welcome to the World of Computers

         1.1. Describe the importance of computers in today's world.
         1.2. Describe how computers are used at home.
         1.3. Identify the benefits of using the Internet.
         1.4. Identify the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

    Lesson 2: Mousing Around

         2.1. Describe the mouse and its types.
         2.2. Explain how to hold the mouse correctly.
         2.3. Perform the click functions of the mouse.
         2.4. Perform the drag function of the mouse.

    Lesson 3: Keyboarding

         3.1. Describe the keyboard and its types.
         3.2. Describe the correct hand placement for the keyboard.
         3.3. Describe types of keys on the keyboard.
         3.4. Use the alphanumeric keys on the keyboard.

  • This course is a free Microsoft eLearning course through the MS IT Academy. Download the compress file and run it on your computer. Follow the installation instructions. After it has been installed, CLICK on the START > PROGRAMS > MICROSOFT LEARNING links to start the course.

    Have Fun!
  • The Internet can connect you to people, information, and resources around the world. This course shows you how to connect to the Internet, browse Web pages, navigate Web sites, use search engines, and exchange e-mail with others.