IC3 - Couses

  • Practice Exams
  • This module will teach you the basic to intermediate skills required to work with a variety of business documents. The first unit will discuss the common elements that can be found with all Microsoft Office products. The second unit will focus on word processing aspects using Microsoft Word. The third unit deals with using Microsoft Excel to work with a variety of financial types of documents. The last unit demonstrates how to create and manage presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • This module is designed to introduce you to basic computer literacy through familiarization of the components that make up a computer. You will also look at the Windows operating system to learn how to manage your computer on a regular basis.

  • The Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³) preparation program is the world's first validated, standards-based training and certification program for basic computing and internet knowledge and skills. Successful completion of IC³ ensures you have the knowledge and skills required for basic use of computer hardware, software, networks, and the Internet. IC³ is your gateway to advancement in education, employment, or other certification programs. On completion of all 3 courses students have the option to write the Industry Exam. Please go to Certiport IC³ website for more information.