• Microsoft® Office Excel 2007/2010 – Level 1 teaches students how to work with worksheets and workbooks to analyze data using a variety of features to create, modify and format common business reports such as budgets, inventory reports and charts. This course is designed for students who desire the skills necessary to create, edit, format, and print basic Microsoft Office Excel 2007/2010.

    Students who complete this 10 hour course can be on their way to preparing for a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist exam. By completing the other 2 levels available at MS-Moodle.com.

  • Microsoft® Office Excel 2007/2010 – Level 2 teaches students how to apply basic skill sets along with some intermediate to advanced functions to manage and audit numerical reports. Students will work with various functions to perform specific types of calculations, customize charts, work with pictures or shapes in a worksheet, customize formatting for specific types of data, and look at various features for managing different types of lists using a table or database format.
  • Excel 2007/2010 Level 3 - Saturday Class